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Free The Carrs!


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We are dedicated first and foremost to the greatest country in the world and its citizens of every color and creed.

Some time ago, two innocent African-American brothers were imprisoned and sentenced to die for alleged burglary and sexual deviance. Those brothers were Jonathan and Reginald Carr.

We believe that brothers like Jonny and Reggie are men of the earth. Men who truly make America the nation it has become, and we have solely taken it upon ourselves to help them overcome their dilemas and rise to greatness. This is the Land Of the Free, Is it not?

You may remember many political figures that were falsely tried, yet overcame setbacks to become great leaders. Nelson Mandella, Mohandas Ghandi, and Reuben Carter come to mind.


Our purpose is to free the Carrs so that one day they may rise to their full potential, and someday use their preternatural leadership skills to guide all Americans of color to greatness again. We strive to make sure that these boys never have their mugshots taken again.

This is an image that torments us constantly:

To learn more about Jonny and Reggie, please visit our webpage entitled Thy Will Be Done, and see what lovable characters these guys really are.

You may resist us at first, but then you'll slowly start to realize the truth. The truth that these men don't deserve to die for simply kidnapping 6 people, driving them to an ATM machine to empty out their accounts, and forcing them to rape one another while smoking blunts of schwag and listening to one of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands the eighties produced. We assume that the Carr brothers had The Car's Greatest Hits playing on repeat during the duration of their high jinx (prison letters from the brothers have not yet confirmed this fact). If anything, they deserve commendations for pulling off one of the craziest stunts since Super Dave Osborne in his hay day. Super Dave, as well as James Caviezel, Mel Gibson, Trey Parker, Lee Greenwood, and Matthew Perry have all publicly praised the Carrs for their audacity and given them the proverbial "Thumbs Up!" for their tenacious, yet compelling senses of humor.

"We all love and support the Carrs, and want to see them free!"
~Super Dave Osborne

Let's see just how the fun began:

...And then, the good times started to roll!

It's not so bad if you think about it. Here is the ATM where they got the money. See, it's just an ordinary ATM machine. Not one negative thing about it (besides maybe in respect to the victims' account balances!)